A little bit about Deniz:

Originally from Istanbul, Turkey, Deniz graduated from Brown University in 2015, where she studied international relations and theatre arts. Upon graduating, she first worked for a UN-affiliated magazine named Brain World Magazine, and then moved to Forbes Magazine and joined their wealth team to cover the nation's and the world's richest. Her "billionaires focus" was on immigration, social justice and philanthropy, and since June 2016, she has been a freelance contributor for the magazine.

In August 2016, Deniz started her master's at Columbia Journalism School and has been getting a training in deadline and long form writing as well as video journalism. A persistent researcher (who can sometimes find herself en route to Long Island to dig up some court filings), Deniz wrote her thesis on sexual assault in the New York City comedy scene and how comedy institutions respond to sexual assault allegations. Committed to covering issues nationally and globally pertinent, she is looking forward to staying in the U.S., especially during this historic time to make use of her education and background. 

You can find her personal essays on https://medium.com/@deno and https://www.bustle.com/authors/2221-deniz-cam.